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Didin konak (Grandpa’s Quarters)

Didin konak, restoranDidin konak, imanjeDidin konak, apartmanDidin konak, apartman

Nicely incorporated into the old local architecture and bursting with true beauty and treasure, the ’’Didin konak (Grandpa’s Quarters)’’ family farm can be found in close proximity to the ’’Kopački rit’’ Nature Park. Family atmosphere and immense love engraved into every corner of this farm, a rich offer of recreational activities, old local cuisine and the odour of sweet delicacies will infallibly bring you back to the carefree days of your childhood and take you away from urban noise.

The accommodation offer relies on 4-star suites with the capacity of up to 18 persons. The family farm also includes a playground for the youngest while for adult guests there is a Mediterranean bowling alley.

The restaurant gastronomic offer encompasses traditional recipes and dishes mostly prepared over an open fire or in a stone oven, such as inevitable paprika-flavoured fish stew (’’fiš paprikaš’’), carp put on forked branches and exposed to an open fire (’’šaran u rašljama’’), shepherd’s stew (’’čobanac’’) and custom-prepared meat and freshwater fish dishes . These tasty meals can be matched with premium wines produced in the region of Slavonia and Baranya, which can be tried in the accompanying wine cellar. One should also mention homemade pork rinds (’’čvarci’’), smoked sausages, famous hot paprika-flavoured smoked sausage (’’kulen’’) and other salty and sweet delicacies from the region of Baranya.

Adventurists and families can rent a bike and go on a bike tour around the entire ’’Kopački rit’’ Nature Park. There you can enjoy rich flora and fauna, take a guided tour on eco paths or go for a boat ride on Danube River armlets.

We look forward to your visit,
Yours truly,
“Didin konak”, Kopačevo.


A: Šandora Petefija 93, Kopačevo
T: +385 31 752 100
M: +385 91 782 0003
E: info@didinkonak.hr
W: www.didinkonak.hr

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