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For recreation and sport (ride)

On the Bayou of the Old Drava in Bilje, just 5 km from the city of Osijek, surrounded by forest, the Old Drava and natural resources, is located the Horse Riding Club “Capistro”. In the “Capistro” stables are 7 gentle horses, who would like to enjoy to walk, trot or gallop with you.

With the professional guidance of the coaches in the riding school Riding Club “Capistro” you acquire all the necessary skills to manage a horse or additional training for a rider. Fields around the Club feature natural landscape (near a forest, large lawn area, a considerable distance from the road).

This noble form of recreation developed, especially in children and adolescents, mental and physical abilities, self-confidence, responsibility and conservation. A special experience for adults and children!


A: Vinogradska bb – Bilje
M:+385 91 793 2558
M:+385 95 561 91 29
E: capistro.bilje@gmail.com
W: www.capistro.hr

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Kralja Zvonimira 10

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