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Nature Park Kopački Rit

The natural wetlands of the Kopački rit lie on the meeting point of the Danube and Drava. He is the permanent area (the international value of Kopački rit was confirmed in 1993rd when he was included in the list of wetlands of international importance), one of the best preserved flood areas in Europe.

Various types of vegetation developed in the area of Kopački rit – forests and wetlands, water and grassland vegetation.

Kopački rit is a functional tourist destination, particularly interesting for leisure, sport and recreational activities, attractive travel through Kopačko Jezero (lake) and a very popular area for birdwatching. An exceptional interest represent the cormorants, birds whose existence is solely due to abundance and quality of the fish, because an adult unit can eat a few pounds of fish per day.

The Kopački rit consists of a large number of valuable, rare and endangered animal and plant species and some unique ecological phenomena. Often, only refered to a few of them as a white-tailed eagles, rare black storks and the others remain unknown to the general public and tourists.

Visitors will come by bus in the Kopački rit and see the natural beauty, but they are not aware that Baranja and out of the border of Kopački rit abounds with rare species, ecological phenomena, and even fossil sites, together they provide a wealth of natural heritage of the region.

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