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Reformed Christian Church Kopačevo

At the site of the present church, in the fourth century, was a church that was built by the Goths. However, according to sources, the first known church in Kopačevo was built in the XII century. After 1666th the church burned to the ground, and in the same place, between 1804. and 1808. year a new church was built. During the period of the Reformation in the sixteenth century, the population of Kopačevo among the first accepted a new study. Since then, Kopačevo is one of the cradles of Reformed Christianity in this region. The present appearance of the church is preserved since the year of the Hungarian Revolution in 1848th. During the Homeland War, the church suffered significant damage, and with the help of the Hungarian government was restored in 1999. year.

The Fishing days in Kopačevo

In mid-September in Kopačevo are held the Fishing days. It is an event where in two days Kopačevo visit more than 2.000 people, hungry for ethnic ambience, flavor and taste of fish. The Kopačani use this day for the promotion of tradition and agrotourism.

The village smells of a fish stew, carp on fork, pike in mundir and game dishes. On the open market offered their homemade products: home-ground pepper, honey, aivar, sweets, souvenirs and homemade cakes. Plesure never ends when you soak it all with Grasevina that comes from the hills of Baranja.

The first Fishing days were held in 1998th, when the last descendant of the former Kopačan fishermen dragged fishing net on Sakadaš, and today fishing is prohibited in the Rit. The taste of the first post-war celebrations, lay the foundation for the future of tourism in Kopačevo.

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