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Fertile land and favorable climate for breading, almost all types of crops, livestock, fish farming and hunting combined with an imaginative culinary ability of the hosts will spread on the table before you a piquant specialties rich and full of flavor.

You can delight your palate with a variety of meat and fish dishes, which are found only here, through wetlands and forests, a very special charm for the senses.

Do not be ashamed to try everything from the colorful menus of local restaurants, especially food of freshwater fish such as fish stew, fish perkelt, carp orli, carp in wooden fork, frog legs, and a variety of wild and grill.

As usually with delicious food goes a good wine, refresh yourself with a wine from Baranja vineyards.

At the end, sweet dessert of homemade strudel stuffed with cheese, apples, poppy seeds or nuts and various small cookies and cakes.

from the National Kitchen …

The Baranja red gold

Sweet red, especially hot peppers, have allegedly a lot of healing effects, are the soul of every Baranja dish, especially fish dishes, such as stews,... 

Fish stew (fiš paprikaš)

For the preparation of fish stew, you will need: live carp (best fattened carp), small pike (because the meat from the pike has a strong flavor), larger... 

Shepherd stew (Čobanac)

The stew is prepare in a copper kettle over an open fire (made of wood). Basically, the recipe for a good stew is lots of onions, chopped meat with spices... 

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