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Kakas-ütés (February)

Kakasütés is an old Hungarian custom, it was renewed 2003. by local youngsters. It is organized by council, association, representatives of schools and kindergartens, which every year take care for a diverse and entertaining program.

From the center of the village, in the early afternoon begins ceremonial Carnival parade of horse-drawn carriages with musicians and with wagon that contains a boiler (furnace?) and boat, symbolizing the warmth of home and escape from the flooding. The procession with the screams and the song moves through village streets, and the young man dressed as a rooster, come down from the cart and “dance” with girls and women who stand in front of houses and welcome the happy column. In return for the dance girls and women pay tribute to the young men with unusual gifts – chicken eggs (which are a symbol for the birth of new life) and spare change for the richer year. The masked “roosters” are entitled to catch anything that moves in the backyard, so hosts hide all poultry, and rather donate the”rooster”. In the middle of the village “roosters” select girls who have a bandage on their eyes. The girls have to strike a rooster head, and one that prosper in performance, according to tradition, the first shall marry. Earlier, in front of the girls were placed the real rooster, and today only a plush toy. Carnival would be unthinkable without the donuts, so vardarčanke on this day baked about 1.500 donuts.

The event ends with the cultural – artistic program and entertainment until the early morning hours, and dinner, “Scarers stew (Iš paprikaš)” of “material”, the “roosters” gathered during the visit of the village with carnival parade.

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